Working as a private tutor helping to prepare students for examinations has given David Malindine useful insights into areas of the curriculum where there is a deficit of educational materials to help aid students with their preparation.


Tutor Master helps you Learn English - A Literacy Dictionary

Ages approximately 9 - 13

ISBN: 978-0-9555909-2-4

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Written to improve understanding of words to do with the English language and literacy for students aged 9 years and older. Aiming to promote personalised learning this book is easy to use, helpful and student friendly and supports teaching and learning for students of primary age upwards. By providing a quick and easy to use source of reference for interesting, unusual, and frequently misunderstood words to do with English language and literacy, this book is useful for not only students but parents, teachers and lecturers too.

This book will

  • Give explanations for over 500 words to do with English and literacy
  • Be suitable for school students of all ages, Key Stages 2 and above
  • Promote personalised learning for students
  • Help parents who wish to further their own knowledge of English and support their children's studies
  • Assist those seeking to improve their understanding of the English language and literacy
  • Underline words that link to other listed words
  • Provide a quick and easy resource for students
  • Be a source of reference for teachers and lecturers
  • Support teaching and learning in language schools and TEFL colleges