Examinations at 11+

Tutor Master Books provide revision and practice for both standard comprehension and multiple choice comprehension tests using the six books:

For 11+ entry to grammar schools, an English test will be in either standard (written) format or multiple choice format. For entry to an independent/private school at 11+ or 13+, a Common Entrance Examination or an examination set by the school in standard format is the one most usually tested. The Tutor Master books provide excellent preparation for both types of examinations.

As well as a comprehension examination, a writing task is also often required. Students may be asked to write on a title that may be a letter, a report or a piece of imaginative creative writing. The development of story writing and creative writing skills are also encouraged by using the two books, Tutor Master helps you Write stories Book One & Tutor Master helps you Write Stories Book Two.

State school examinations (SATs) for students in Year 6 aged 10 & 11 years

Students attending State primary schools in England sit National Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) tests in English in the summer term of Year 6. Students are required to complete a comprehension test in standard format and writing tasks. Tutor Master Publications provide resources for students to practise their skills in these areas.

The English examination for SATs is made up of several tasks:

assessment of writing skills

a reading test

a spelling, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary test