Through his work as a private tutor David Malindine was alerted to the fact that there was a lack of realistic examination papers that parents and students could use to practise for entrance examinations at aged 11+.

In order to provide students with papers to assist their examination preparations, David has written and published six books:


Tutor Master helps you with Comprehension Practice - Multiple Choice Set One

Ages approximately 9 - 13

ISBN: 978-0-9555909-4-8

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Because some schools test comprehension skills by using multiple choice type questions, David Malindine wrote Tutor Master helps you with Comprehension Practice – Multiple Choice Set One. This book contains important practical advice on the best ways to approach multiple choice comprehension tests and how to write effective and purposeful answers. Although the same reading passages are used as in the Standard Set One, this book contains totally different questions, and a further choice of different creative writing opportunities such as stories, reports and letters.

This book will

  • Provide revision and practice for school students in the age range Years 5-7
  • Help with preparation for school examinations
  • Prepare students for eleven plus examinations for grammar school entrance
  • Provide multiple choice comprehension practice for entrance examinations to independent and private schools
  • Offer tips and advice to assist the development of multiple choice comprehension skills
  • Provide five separate multiple choice comprehension tests
  • Offer ten different composition/essay topics
  • Give tips and advice to develop the creative writing skills needed for examinations
  • Include easy to use and detailed answers plus a mark scheme